The art of breathing

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Something yoga really taught me in my life was how important breath was not only on the mat but in your day to day life.

Let’s all together take a breath in. Breath into every living cell in your body. Feel this breath, and slowly release every stress and worry out of your body as you exhale. Lets do it again, breath into every cell of your existence, become aware of your entire body and slowly feel the breath emptying out of your body. Simply just become aware of how your body is feeling at this present moment. Just pure awareness without identifying a name to define how you are feeling, just simply FEEL it.

“Can you feel your own Presence?”

This consciousness represents freedom from ego, also from dependency on the things of this world, from materialism and materiality.

This conscious awareness can give transcendent and true meaning to this world. Whenever you are upset about an event, a person, or a situation, the real cause is not the event, person, or situation but a loss of true perspective that only conscious awareness can provide. You are trapped in material consciousness, unaware of the timeless inner space of consciousness itself. When you become engrossed in your material problems, all you need to do is come back to this space that exists in the breath.

Lets do it again… breath in as deep as you can, close your eyes, and as you slowly exhale become aware of your entire body as one.

In this space we can finally disconnect ourself from all the ego desires ( material items) and begin to notice our truth.

By spending time in this space we can bring ourselves into this present moment. In this present moment we will allow our soul to speak our truth and begin to live with our intuition and seperate ourselves from our logic overanalyzing fear brain.

Instead of making decisions based on fear of what could happen, we can start to make decisions based on intuition that will ultimately lead you to fulfill our true purpose. By listening to our intuition we will ultimately be listening to our soul, and our soul will effortlessly lead you to a place of ultimate and utter freedom.

When we become aware of the breath, You are still, alert, open to what is. You bring a new dimension into the situation: Space. Then you look and you listen. Thus you become one with the situation. Then, if action is possible or necessary, you take action or rather right action happens through you. Right action is action that is appropriate to the whole and your ultimate truth.

Words by Isabelle

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